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Desired Properties of Concrete

Open Six Days a Week with Same-Day Delivery

1) The concrete mix is workable. It can be placed and consolidated properly by yourself or your workmen.

2) Desired qualities of the hardened concrete are met: for example, resistance to freezing and thawing and deicing chemicals, watertightness (low permeability) , wear resistance, and strength. Know what you are trying to achieve with the concrete.

3) Economy. Since the quality depends mainly on the water to cement ratio, the water requirement should be minimized to reduce the cement requirement (and thus reduce the cost).

Take these steps to reduce the water and cement requirements:

- use the stiffest mix possible.

- use the largest size aggregate practical for the job.

- use the optimum ratio of fine to coarse aggregate.

Discuss how to achieve your goals for the concrete with one of Kennedy Concrete, Pavers, and Masonry Supply's concrete dispatchers.

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